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Concealed Carry Permit Classes

We have trained citizens from all walks of life how to safely handle, load, shoot, unload, and store firearms: teachers, housewives, registered nurses, hospitality employees, beauticians, real estate agents, lawyers, business owners, landlords, college students, social workers, and home-owners. We are confident that we can train you too! 

No prior shooting or gun handling experience is needed, but we hightly recommend that you have taken either the NRA FIRST Steps or NRA Basic course first.   We train you from the ground up with safety being the number one concern. The Firearms Instructor is also an NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO). As such, he has the credentials to safely oversee and conduct shooting activities at a firing range.

Our class is taught by NRA and NC Justice Academy certified trainers.

*You must be a North Carolina resident for 30 days and 21 years of age to qualify for the NC Concealed Carry Permit.*

The topics that will be addressed in our one-day  CCH Training Class are listed as the following:


  1. Legal Issues
  2. Handgun Safety
  3. Handguns
    • Handgun Feature Considerations
    • Revolver vs. Semi-automatic Handgun
    • Handgun Ammunition Considerations
    • Handgun Purchasing Considerations
    • Handgun/Personal Protection Accessories
  4. Marksmanship Fundamentals
  5. Carrying Concealed Safety Issues
  6. Presentation Techniques
  7. Cleaning and Maintenance
  8. Ammunition
  9. Proficiency Drills

     You can apply for your Concealed Carry permit at you local Sheriff's office after receiving you certificate.  Take your original training certificate when you go to apply.  There is a fee associated with obtaining your permit, these fees vary by county, please check with your local office in your county.  The fees cover processing, fingerprint cards, and background checks.  Additional fees may apply for mental health checks.  We recommend that you take the correct fee in cash when you go..exact change.  Once approved it could take up to 90 days to receive your permit.  Your permit is valid for 5 years.  The Sheriff's office is now required to send you a renewal notice.  Please make sure you keep your correct address on file with the Sheriff's office if you should move.  The address they have on file for you is where the renewal will be sent. 

     Once you have your NC Concealed Carry Permit, a permit for purchaseing a handgun is no longer required.  Also a NICS check is not required.

Fees Per County:

Durham County:$90.00, plus $22.00(Mental Health check from 2 hospitals.

Person County:

Granville County:

Caswell County:

Orange County:

Alamance County:

Chatham County:

Vance County: